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VeloLabs is co-located with our friends Green Lizard Cycling and is the only endurance training center in the DC Metro area to offer Wahoo KICKR power-based cycling classes for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Mountain bike and cyclocross riders can also enjoy the trainers without modifying their bikes, wheels or tires. The KICKR is a revolutionary trainer that works without your rear wheel so there is no tire wear, FAR less noise and a much smoother ride.  


All of our trainers are connected wirelessly to a central computer that automatically adjusts resistance for each person, so there’s no need to navigate wires and platforms. Just dial in your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and train far more efficiently than you can outdoors. And if you have ANT+ equipment such as a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, or muscle oxygen sensor bring them and they can be quickly paired with the our system so you can see that data in real time during your workouts. Plus you’ll receive an e-mail from us after each workout summarizing your efforts. And if you’re on Training Peaks or Strava, we can instantaneously upload your workout data there too.  


Check the VeloLabs app for all of the cycling classes offered currently. Be sure to come to class well-fueled and hydrated and bring your bike, cycling shoes, water bottles and a towel!

How to Get Started

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A VeloLabs representative will contact you about your fitness goals and collect some info.

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Registration is easy. Click on “Classes” in the main menu and choose your preferred day/time.

Get to Work

Come to class well-hydrated and get ready to work hard and have fun with great people!

Some Statistics About Us

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The KICKR Advantage

Realistic Road Feel

The high inertia flywheel is engineered to replicate the feel of the road more closely than CompuTrainer-based systems. And there’s no wear and tear on your rear tire.

Train with Power

We help you understand your Functional Threshold Power and the KICKR automatically adjusts the resistance to ensure your ride stays consistent and calibrated just for you.

Flexible with any Device

The KICKR connects to ANT+ devices so you can have cadence, heart rate, and MO2 data displayed during your workout and we can monitor your progress over time.

What Clients Say

Kathleen Bunch


“VeloLabs provides the perfect mix of intensity and support during their workouts. The staff have a real knack for knowing when I need to push my FTP or when I might be suffering from fatigue and need to back off and recover.”

George Croghan

CAT 3 Roadie

“VeloLabs was key in helping me regain fitness and strength after an injury and prepared me to race competitively in a new category for 2017. The instruction and camaraderie in these classes isn’t something you get with other programs.”

Stephanie VanBebber

70.3 Worlds Athlete

“The VeloLabs approach has definitely propelled my racing to the next level. It’s training with purpose through FTP and Lactate Threshold testing. Their thoughtful workout design is a challenge to beginner and expert alike. Bring it!”

Twelve Classes a Week

We admit it. Training is hard. It’s hard for us too. So we try and remove as many barriers to you coming in and getting stronger as we can. VeloLabs makes things convenient by offering morning, afternoon, and evening classes nearly every day of the week. And if that schedule doesn’t work for you, come talk to us — we’ll try to modify our schedule to accommodate you or your group.


Our 2017 Fall 12-week session started the week of 30th September and runs until the week before Christmas. Classes last approximately 65-75 minutes and are $30 each. Click on the schedule below to book a class or for more information contact us at 703.707.0500 or info@velolabs.bike.

We have also developed a fancy mobile app to allow you to see our schedule and book a class on the go. The VeloLabs app will give you exclusive access to additional, one-off classes when the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse, and you can’t get outside.


VeloLabs Coaching Services

We are a team of health-minded professionals dedicated to maximizing your athletic potential. We understand that most amateur athletes are juggling their training with career and family. Our driving principle is for you to get the most out of your available training time. Our coaches and nutritionists work one-on-one with you to create a personalized program that aligns with your athletic goals, your current level of fitness, and your life schedule.


Steven essentially grew up racing in the Mid-Atlantic, starting his road racing career at just 13 years of age. Having discovered a passion and talent for racing bikes, he branched into virtually every discipline of competitive cycling – time trials, cyclocross, cross country mountain biking, endurance mountain biking and track racing. Over the course of his career to date, he has represented George Mason University in the Division 1 Collegiate Road Nationals and ridden for top-tier local amateur racing teams NCVC/United Health and Kelly Benefit Strategies/LCV. Steven is an active USAC Cat 2 Road racer, Cat 1 Mountain Bike racer, Cat 2 Cyclocross racer and has competed in virtually every big race on the MABRA calendar.  After more than a decade of extensive experience training with coaches and racing with a power meter, Steven has further transitioned from accomplished bike racer to USA Cycling Level 3 certified coach. He has experienced firsthand the success of training with power and adhering to a well-designed training plan. He is a firm believer in the philosophy of “train smart vs. just training hard” and loves working one-on-one with his athletes, considering all the factors that can affect training and designing an achievable training plan that produces real results.


Chris is a USA Swimming and USA Triathlon certified coach who started racing triathlons at Penn State at the infancy of the sport. Since then he has raced in over 100 endurance events from short distance events to Ironman triathlons, marathons, ultra runs, and Xterra events. Chris’s coaching philosophy is to have a detailed program that allows for periodization in order to prevent injury and overtraining. He aims to maintain a consistent program that ensures the athlete is able to peak at appropriate times of the year. He utilizes frequent testing in order to achieve the expected outcomes and to see progress outside the athlete’s race schedule. He recognizes that each athlete has unique strengths and limiters and it is his goal to establish a program distinctive to each individual. Keeping all these things in mind, he can help elite athletes, experienced age groupers, or anyone new to endurance sport or general fitness. As a triathlete for over 18 years, Chris has personally experienced nearly everything possible when it comes to training, racing, and nutrition. He also understands how busy the average age grouper‘s life can be. As a husband and father of three, he knows what it takes to balance endurance sports with a family and a full time job. One of his greatest strengths has been the ability to find the correct balance in life and sport to be successful in reaching his goals. He now helps our clients do the same.

Test & Train Like the Pros

Lactate Threshold Testing

Utilizing our software and the latest in sensor technology from BSXinsight, we are able to administer lab-quality Lactate Threshold (LT) testing. In about an hour, we can benchmark your Lactate Threshold, deliver a custom, detailed report of your training zones (both heart rate and power) and provide guidance on how to use the data to train more efficiently and effectively. Individual tests are $135 and can be scheduled at your convenience by contacting us.


Like most things endurance-related, your Lactate Threshold (LT) is partially genetic. But unlike aerobic capacity (VO2max), it’s also quite trainable. By systematically pushing your limits, we can train your body to become more efficient at clearing and buffering lactic acid. In other words, while your aerobic capacity (VO2max) isn’t going change significantly if you’re relatively fit, with a targeted training plan based on your results, it’s very likely that you can improve your lactate threshold significantly.

Contact Us

VeloLabs is conveniently located at 718 Lynn Street in historic downtown Herndon,
across from the Train Depot Museum at mile 19.8 of the W&OD Trail. Stop by for a visit, call us at 703.707.0500, or you can e-mail us.



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